Buy EDSPACE as a garden room, tiny house or studio to give significant break-out space to a lodger, visitor, family member or yourself, for more privacy, independence and headspace.


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A number of well insulated panels and bays are combined to enable a variety of uses


Tailored for you, installed on site and ready to enjoy


Decide on the size, external finishes and other features to suit your garden, use and budget


Easy to transport and fits through a front door


Take the edspace with you when you move or adapt it quickly without damaging it - it simply clips together


A spacious combination of shepherd hut and old railway carriage


Our design is modular, and you can decide how many bays you want. Standard Options include 3 bays (2.4 x 3.64 meters; 8.6m2), 4 bays (2.4×4.85m; 11.5m2) and 5 bays (2.4×7.2m; 14.4m2). Note, these are external dimensions.

Our 4-bay standard option includes 6 window panels, and a door panel. You can choose how many panels have windows, where you want them located, and how big you want them.

The Standard Option includes painted outdoor ply – choose your colour! You can also use cork and other additional cladding or insulation.

The standard option includes quality ply, a sleeping / sofa platform and power-sockets. Soon we will also provide additional internal facilities such as desks, a wood-burner, cooking stations, sinks and toilets.


EDSPACE prices will vary slightly dependent on your site and specifications, including materials, number and type of windows and door. The standard 3 bay layout costs from £8950 + installation costs (from £450 depending on location).

To book a consultation, please use our contact form or email us on We will be in touch to arrange a phone call or site visit to discuss your requirements and give you a full quote.


Please note that we cannot give you advice on planning issues. Contact your local council for more information. What we can say is that it is more about how the space is used rather than the space itself. We have designed the space to fit within permitted development which does not require planning permission, but you’d need to double check that with your local council.

Please get advice from your local council. If you want somebody to live in your garden you will need planning permission – i.e., apply for auxiliary accommodation to your existing dwelling. However, we think that if the lodger had a (tiny) bedroom in the house you could offer the edspace as an additional break-out space, i.e., a garden room or office, which might fit within permitted development.

Plans for self-build are in development. Sign up to our newsletter below for updates.

The price includes the edspace as specified and installation on site. An additional charge might apply depending on location. The edspace will have a build-in double electric socket that can be connected to the mains electricity or off-grid system.

Electricity supply from the house, groundworks and site clearance for foundations, which we can quote for separately after a site visit. Alternatively, we can give you instructions for clearing the site yourself.


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