A Space to Make Your Own

  • An Edspace cabin looks good – a mix of romantic shepherd’s hut and gritty railway coach.
  • It has many uses: a Tiny House, an extra room for visitors, your office, studio or workshop, at much lower cost than moving or building.
  • The design and construction processes are flexible so your cabin will be made to fit your needs.
  • It will be warm and cosy; all parts are insulated using sustainable materials.
  • Delivered to site in flatpack form, delivery is easy and possible to sites with difficult access.
  • Installation is quick (usually just one day) because if its modular construction and clip fastening method.
  • Edspace is part of a community enterprise – profits will be used to support and finance Edventure’s charitable work with unemployed young adults.


Roll over the images to read about the unique features of EDSPACE


A number of well insulated panels and bays are combined to enable a variety of uses


Tailored for you, installed on site and ready to enjoy


Decide on the size, external finishes and other features to suit your garden, use and budget


Easy to transport and fits through a front door


Take the edspace with you when you move or adapt it quickly without damaging it - it simply clips together


A spacious combination of shepherd hut and old railway carriage


Our design is modular, and you can decide how many bays you want. Standard Options include 3 bays (2.7 x 3.93 meters; 8.7m2), 4 bays (2.7×5.13m; 11.6m2) and 5 bays (2.7×6.33; 14.4m2). Note, these are external dimensions.

 You can choose how many panels have windows, where you want them located, and how big you want them. We also provide panels designed for wood-burners or other utilities. 

We use ‘Stormboard’ externally, made locally in Frome by Protomax who transform plastic waste into a durable, sustainable, and beautiful alternative to plywood. Stormboards are available in a range of colours.
We can also use larch board and battens or painted plywood as alternatives to Stormboard, and if your cabin requires fire-proofing, we can treat these materials with a fire-retardant.

You can choose between standard ply or birch ply, with a painted or natural finish. We can install ports for electrics, heating, water and sewage. Utilities usually need to be installed by a qualified tradesperson. We can also provide build-in furniture, made from the offcuts from the production process.


EDSPACE prices will vary slightly dependent on your site and specifications, including materials, number and type of windows and door. The 3 bay edspace costs from £12000, plus installation costs (from £1150 depending on location).

To request a brochure or book a consultation call, please contact our construction partner Chisel & Grain Ltd on [email protected] or call us on 07724719563. Once we know your design choices, we can give you a full quote and possible delivery date.


Please note that we cannot give you advice on planning issues. Contact your local council for more information. What we can say is that it is more about how the space is used rather than the space itself. We have designed the space to fit within permitted development which does not require planning permission, but you’d need to double check that with your local council.

The exterior walls are made from ‘Protomax Stormboards’ which are made from recycled plastic. For the insulation ‘Earthwool’ is used which contains up to 80% recycled materials. The door is made out of Accoya, produced only from abundantly available wood species, and all our wood is FSC certified.

Please get advice from your local council. If you want somebody to live in your garden you will need planning permission – i.e., apply for auxiliary accommodation to your existing dwelling. However, we think that if the lodger had a (tiny) bedroom in the house you could offer the edspace as an additional break-out space, i.e., a garden room or office, which might fit within permitted development.

It can be – we can use fire retardant materials if your location or use requires fireproofing.

Edspace Living Ltd is 80% owned by ‘Edventure Frome CIC’, a not-for-profit community organisation based in Frome, Somerset.Edventure Frome is a school for community enterprise, with the mission to enable young adults to progress towards a livelihood that matters to them; contribute to a strong, resilient, open-minded, sharing community; and grow enterprises & initiatives as part of a sustainable economy that works for all. Its vision to create a world in which all can thrive – people, communities, our economy and nature. The profits are now used to finance Edventure’s charitable work with unemployed young adults.


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